Greek Beaches Make Strides Towards Accessibility with Seatrac System


Greece is taking significant steps towards creating a more equitable society by addressing the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. An indigenous solution called the Seatrac system has been developed and installed on 150 beaches across the country, allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to access the waters independently and free of charge. This initiative, supported by the Greek Tourism Ministry, aims to expand the system to a total of 287 beaches nationwide. The Seatrac system enables a person in a wheelchair to lower their seat to water level while simultaneously extending a retractable path. Guarded by railings, this path provides a safe route for individuals to reach the water.

By implementing this system, the Greek government not only acknowledges the fundamental human right of equal access to the sea but also recognizes the positive impact on the economy that a diverse population enjoying the beaches can bring. In addition to the Seatrac system, the government is committed to providing essential facilities such as accessible bathrooms, changing facilities, ramps, corridors, and refreshment bars. This comprehensive approach ensures that not only wheelchair users but also elderly individuals, those with temporary injuries, and even pregnant women can fully enjoy the sun and sand. By making beaches more accessible, the mental and physical well-being of all individuals is positively impacted.

Recognizing the importance of informing and educating the public about these advancements, the Greek Tourism Ministry has developed a dedicated website to keep people up to date with the latest developments. Through these efforts, the government hopes to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can participate in water activities like swimming, thus enhancing their overall well-being. The installation of the Seatrac system and the commitment to accessibility on Greek beaches represent a significant stride towards inclusivity. It not only removes physical barriers for individuals with disabilities but also promotes the values of equality and diversity within society.


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