Congress Stages Remarkable Comeback in Karnataka, Ending BJP’s Southern Dominance


In a stunning turn of events, the Congress party has made a resounding comeback in the state of Karnataka, ousting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from its stronghold in the south. This significant victory not only provides a much-needed morale boost to the Congress but also holds the potential to revive its electoral fortunes in the lead-up to the crucial 2024 Lok Sabha polls. The party’s triumph in the Assembly elections can be attributed to an assertive pro-poor campaign led by prominent leader and former chief minister Siddaramaiah, along with the dynamic KPCC president D K Shivakumar. Moreover, this outcome underscores Karnataka’s long-standing trend of anti-incumbency, which has persisted for nearly four decades, as the state has never reelected the ruling party since 1985.

The 75-year-old Siddaramaiah, who served as chief minister from 2013 to 2018, and the adept troubleshooter Shivakumar, who won by an impressive margin of over one lakh votes in Kanakapura and is celebrating his 61st birthday on Sunday, emerge as strong contenders for the chief minister’s position. This victory marks the Congress party’s return to power in Karnataka after a decade-long hiatus. To deliberate on the next steps, the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) has scheduled its inaugural meeting for Sunday at 5:30 pm. This crucial gathering is expected to determine the selection of the new chief minister, an appointment that carries immense significance for the party’s future trajectory.

The Congress party’s triumph in Karnataka signifies a significant political shift in the state and has sent ripples across the national landscape. The BJP, which had been enjoying an undisputed dominance in the southern region, now faces the challenge of reevaluating its strategies ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. As the Congress celebrates its remarkable victory, the state’s political arena eagerly awaits the announcement of its new chief minister, whose leadership will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Karnataka’s governance and politics in the years to come.


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