Haryana Police Arrest Interstate Arms Smuggler and Seize 14 Illegal Pistols


Haryana Police made a significant breakthrough in their ongoing efforts to combat illegal arms trade by apprehending an interstate arms smuggler from Madhya Pradesh. The accused, Gurudev Singh Barnala, a resident of Umrati village in Madhya Pradesh, was captured in Burhanpur district, according to a spokesperson from the Haryana Police.

The arrest followed an initial tip-off received on September 20, 2022, when a police team on patrolling duty along the Hodal-Punhana road in Haryana received information about an individual named Ashif, who was believed to be in possession of illegal pistols and intending to sell them. Acting promptly on this information, the police apprehended Ashif and seized two pistols and two magazines from his possession, stated the police spokesperson.

Subsequent investigation and interrogation led to the arrest of another suspect, Shehnawaz alias Saini, a resident of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, on May 19. During the interrogation, Shehnawaz disclosed information about Gurudev Singh Barnala, leading to the latter’s arrest on May 23 in Madhya Pradesh. In a search operation conducted at Barnala’s location, the police discovered 14 illegal country-made pistols and an equal number of magazines.

The Haryana Police are now questioning Barnala, with the expectation that his cooperation will unveil crucial information about the entire network involved in the illicit arms smuggling operation. So far, a total of three individuals have been apprehended in connection with this case, and a combined seizure of 16 pistols and 16 magazines has been made, the spokesperson confirmed.

In a separate incident, the police team successfully apprehended a wanted criminal named Razzak in Nuh’s Nai village. Razzak, who had a reward of Rs 3,000 on his head, was wanted in a fraud case registered at the Cama police station in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The accused was promptly handed over to the Cama police to face the charges against him.

The recent arrests and seizures by the Haryana Police demonstrate their commitment to tackling the pervasive problem of illegal arms trafficking, making the region safer and more secure for its residents. The diligent efforts of law enforcement agencies in curbing such criminal activities send a strong message that the illicit trade of weapons will not be tolerated, promoting peace and stability in the rgion.


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