Hijab-Wearing Woman Assaulted by Group for Riding with Hindu Man in Indore: Seven Arrested


In a shocking incident that took place in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a hijab-wearing woman was allegedly confronted and assaulted by a group of Muslim men late Thursday night. The incident occurred when the woman was riding pillion on a two-wheeler driven by a Hindu man. A video of the incident surfaced, showing a man from the group admonishing the woman, stating, “Don’t down Islam. No one will allow you to do that. You understand properly.”

Following the incident, the Madhya Pradesh police swiftly responded by filing a case under IPC section 307, which pertains to the attempt to murder, and apprehended seven individuals involved in the incident. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has instructed the Police Commissioner to take strict action against the perpetrators. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rajesh Raghuvanshi, provided details about the incident, stating that the group of men started questioning the woman about her association with the Hindu man after realizing their religious differences.

The woman explained that she was with the man with her parents’ permission. The situation escalated as the men attacked the man and even wielded knives against those who tried to intervene. One of the assailants wielding a knife has also been arrested. The Hindu man, identified as Bhavesh Sunere, is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital. This incident highlights the urgent need to address religious intolerance and ensure the safety and security of individuals regardless of their faith or personal choices.


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