Indian Cricket Team To Play Sponsorless In World Test Championship Final As BCCI Seeks Long-Term Partnerships


In a surprising turn of events, the Indian cricket team is set to participate in the World Test Championship Final against Australia without a sponsor logo on their jerseys. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), known for its commercial prowess, has yet to finalize a jersey sponsor, despite signing a long-term deal with Adidas to manufacture and design their kits. This marks the first time in decades that the Indian team will be without a sponsor logo on their jerseys for an international match.

The viral pictures of Team India members training in their new Adidas kit have raised eyebrows and generated considerable attention. The training jerseys prominently feature Adidas’ iconic three stripes along with the official BCCI logo. However, the absence of a sponsor logo is a rare sight for a board that has capitalized on commercial opportunities for significant revenue generation.

The BCCI’s previous contract with educational technology company Byju’s expired in March, and the Bangalore-based start-up, facing adverse market conditions, opted out of extending the agreement worth an estimated $35 million. As a result, the cricket board has been actively seeking long-term partnerships rather than settling for lower-profile deals.

The absence of a sponsor logo on the Indian jersey for the World Test Championship Final highlights the BCCI’s commitment to securing prestigious and enduring partnerships. While the commercialization of jersey slots has traditionally been a crucial revenue source for cricket boards and sports federations worldwide, the BCCI is now focused on finding the right long-term associations.

Under their previous sponsorship deal, the BCCI earned Rs 1.5 crore per ICC match and Rs 4.6 crore per bilateral international match. The board’s decision to forgo immediate gains in favor of securing lucrative long-term partnerships signifies a strategic shift in their approach to commercial associations.

As fans eagerly await the outcome of the World Test Championship Final, the Indian cricket team’s sponsorless jerseys serve as a reminder of the BCCI’s dedication to finding sustainable and prestigious sponsorship deals that will benefit the sport in the long run.


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