India’s Growth Potential and Sustainability


India’s Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal delivered a keynote address at a business meeting in Belgium, emphasizing India’s potential for tremendous growth and its focus on trade, technology, tourism, and talent. Goyal stated that India has over 10 times growth potential in the next 25 years, positioning it as the fastest-growing large economy. He highlighted India’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, citing its achievement of the Paris Agreement targets in 2021, nine years ahead of schedule. The Minister’s address took place during the first Ministerial meeting of the India-European Union Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in Brussels. Following the keynote, roundtable discussions were held, featuring testimonials from Belgian enterprises operating in India, as well as Indian and foreign companies based in Belgium.

The discussions covered various topics including tariffs, intellectual property rights, investments, waste management regulations, regulatory compliances, zero-carbon technology, green financing, and offshore wind systems. Goyal emphasized the need for a level playing field between developed and emerging economies to address global challenges, particularly climate issues. While India remains committed to achieving its net-zero emissions targets, he stressed the importance of meaningful contributions and adherence to the commitments made under the Paris Agreement by all countries.

Additionally, Goyal highlighted the common concerns shared by India and the European Union regarding World Trade Organization (WTO) issues. He expressed optimism that the India-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) could serve as an effective platform for finding consensus-based solutions to these challenges. Overall, Goyal’s address and the subsequent discussions reflected India’s aspirations for sustained economic growth, its commitment to environmental sustainability, and its desire to collaborate with international partners to address global trade and climate-related challenges.


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