Instagram Prepares to Enter the Text-Based App Market to Challenge Twitter


According to insiders, Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms Inc., is working on a new text-based app that aims to compete with Twitter. The project has been kept under wraps, but sources reveal that the company has been testing the app with celebrities and influencers. It has been in secret circulation among select creators for several months, providing Instagram with valuable feedback and insights. The forthcoming app, while separate from Instagram, will allow users to connect their accounts, providing a seamless experience across platforms.

Although an official release date has not been confirmed, social media expert Lia Haberman, who teaches social and influencer marketing at UCLA, has hinted that the app may debut as early as June. Haberman shared a screenshot of an early app description, revealing that the app could potentially integrate with other Twitter competitors, such as Mastodon. The move by Instagram comes at a time when Twitter has faced challenges due to its chaotic takeover by Elon Musk, causing some users to seek alternative platforms. This has created a gap in the market that Instagram intends to capitalize on. Meta, known for its penchant for incorporating successful features from other apps and platforms, aims to satisfy user demands and preferences.

Haberman commented on Meta’s history of borrowing ideas from other platforms, citing Musk’s plans to transform Twitter into a multifaceted “everything app” as an example. She suggests that Meta’s track record positions them as the likely frontrunner in consolidating various experiences into one cohesive platform. As of now, Meta Platforms Inc. has not officially responded to inquiries regarding the new app. However, with Instagram’s established user base and Meta’s expertise in social media, the text-based app could potentially reshape the landscape of social networking and intensify the competition with Twitter. Users eagerly await the official announcement and look forward to experiencing a new dimension of connectivity and expression.


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