Lithium Reserves Worth Lakhs of Crores in Kashmir..

Lithium reserves worth lakhs of crores in Kashmir..

Lithium reserves worth lakhs of crores in Kashmir..
Lithium reserves worth lakhs of crores in Kashmir..

Lithium Deposits: It is known that lithium deposits in India have come to light for the first time. A total of 59 lakh tonnes of lithium reserves, which are crucial for the manufacture of batteries and other electrical equipment, have been discovered in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now the famous industrialist Anand Mahindra has made key comments on this. Lithium Deposits: It is well known that lithium deposits worth lakhs of crores have come to light in Jammu and Kashmir.

Anand Mahindra, the famous Indian industrialist and Chairman of Mahindra Group, has made key comments on this. He tweeted that India’s future is all about electrification. In other words, he made comments in the sense that there will be no collision for India in the future and it will be wonderful.

Anand Mahindra made the comment while retweeting an article posted by an English website that said lithium would be the most needed in electric vehicle batteries.Currently, the use of electric vehicles is gaining momentum worldwide. Young people are showing enthusiasm to buy electric cars, electric bikes and scooters on a large scale in India as well.

Lithium is very important in making electric vehicle battery. Mahindra has expressed the same opinion that in the light of large-scale lithium reserves now, India will leapfrog in the production and use of electric vehicles .

The Ministry of Mines has identified a total of 51 mineral fields and handed them over to the state governments. In this, gold reserves were also identified in 5 fields. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are also in the list of states with these mineral fields.Currently, India is a major importer of lithium. Now that the lithium reserves have come out, the imports of lithium will decrease.

Also the prices of batteries will also come down. At the same time.. smart phones also have lithium batteries. There is a chance for India to advance in this field as well.


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