Miraculous Reunion: Woman Kidnapped 17 Years Ago Found Alive in Delhi’s Gokalpuri


In a stunning turn of events, a 32-year-old woman who was abducted a staggering 17 years ago has been discovered in the Gokalpuri area of Delhi, announced the local police on Thursday. The heartwarming reunion comes as a result of relentless efforts by the authorities, who acted on secret information received by the Seemapuri Police Station. DCP Shahdara Rohit Meena revealed that the breakthrough occurred on 22nd May when the police team successfully traced the woman, who is now 32 years old but was kidnapped when she was just a teenager.

The incident had taken place in 2006, prompting her parents to file a case under Section 363 of the Indian Penal Code at the Gokulpuri Police Station in Delhi. Further investigations into the matter unveiled a compelling narrative. The young woman disclosed that she had been living with an individual named Deepak in the village of Cherdih, located in the Baliya district of Uttar Pradesh, after leaving her parental home. However, due to some disagreement during the lockdown period, she decided to part ways with Deepak and subsequently found shelter in rented accommodation in Gokalpuri.

DCP Shahdara Rohit Meena shared additional uplifting statistics, highlighting the district’s commendable efforts in addressing missing person cases. Shahdara district has successfully recovered 116 kidnapped or abducted children and adults, as well as 301 missing individuals, in the year 2023 alone. This remarkable tale serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit and resilience of the human soul. It exemplifies the dedication and perseverance of law enforcement authorities in their mission to bring justice and reunite families torn apart by unfortunate circumstances.


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