Violent Clash Erupts between School Principal and Teacher in Bihar’s Bihta Middle School, Caught on Camera


In a shocking incident at Bihta Middle School, located in the Kauriya panchayat of Patna district in Bihar, a heated argument between a school principal and a teacher escalated into a physical altercation. The confrontation unfolded before the eyes of stunned students who stood by, witnessing their educators engage in a disgraceful brawl. Disturbing footage of the fight was recorded by some of the students and subsequently circulated on various social media platforms. The altercation reportedly commenced within the confines of a classroom before spilling out onto the school grounds. What started as a verbal disagreement quickly deteriorated into a full-fledged physical clash, as both the principal and the teacher resorted to exchanging blows. The alarming scene left students and staff in disbelief and created an atmosphere of chaos within the school premises.

The incident has sparked outrage among parents, who are deeply concerned about the welfare and safety of their children in the educational institution. Many have expressed their dismay over the lack of professionalism exhibited by the two responsible figures, whose actions have set a harmful example for impressionable young minds. The circulation of the video on social media has further amplified the issue, drawing widespread attention and condemnation. Authorities have taken note of the incident and launched an investigation into the matter.

The Bihar State Education Department has been alerted, and disciplinary actions against the principal and the teacher involved are expected to follow. Measures are being contemplated to ensure such an unfortunate incident does not recur, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive and harmonious educational environment for the students.


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