Paris Olympics and Paralympics Medals: A Fusion of History and Elegance


In a dazzling fusion of history and elegance, the medals for the upcoming Paris Olympics and Paralympics are set to become timeless treasures. Unveiled on Thursday, the design showcases a hexagon-shaped piece of iron sourced from the original Eiffel Tower, a symbolic nod to the city’s rich heritage.

Aptly described as a “combination of the most precious metals,” the 5,084 gold, silver, and bronze medals will feature a six-edged metal medallion, reminiscent of the iconic Eiffel Tower architecture. Crafted by the esteemed French jewellery house Chaumet, known for adorning aristocrats and the affluent since 1780, the design elevates these medals to a level of sophistication befitting the world-class athletes who will receive them.

Tony Estanguet, the head of the local organizing committee, expressed the sentiment behind the unique choice of material, stating, “We wanted to offer to all medal-winners at the Paris Olympics and Paralympics a piece of the Eiffel Tower from 1889.” This deliberate choice infuses each medal with a tangible connection to a historic moment in time, adding a layer of significance beyond the sporting achievements they represent.

About Paris Olympics and Paralympics Medals:

The collaboration with Chaumet adds another layer of refinement to the medals. The circular arrangement of ridges in the design aims to catch the light and evoke the sun’s rays, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the brilliance of the athletes who will proudly wear these medals. It’s a thoughtful touch that transforms the medals into not just symbols of victory but also works of art.

As the world eagerly anticipates the Paris Games, these medals promise to be more than mere tokens of achievement. They embody the spirit of Paris, a city synonymous with culture, art, and history. The incorporation of the Eiffel Tower iron piece elevates them to iconic status, making each medal a piece of living history.

In an era where sustainability and symbolism matter, the decision to use a piece of the original Eiffel Tower aligns with a growing trend in creating environmentally conscious and meaningful memorabilia for major sporting events. The Paris Olympics and Paralympics medals stand as a testament to the power of combining heritage with innovation, offering athletes not just a medal but a tangible piece of the past.

The unveiled design of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics medals is a masterful blend of history, craftsmanship, and elegance. As the world turns its gaze to Paris for these prestigious events, the medals will undoubtedly take center stage, symbolizing not only the triumphs of athletes but also the enduring spirit and allure of the City of Light.


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