PM Modi Empowers Banjaras with Distribution of Land Title Deeds


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently distributed land title deeds, also known as “Hakku Patra,” to members of the Banjara community in India. The event, which took place in the state of Madhya Pradesh, aimed to provide legal recognition and security to the Banjaras’ land holdings.

The Banjaras, also known as Lambadas, are a nomadic community that has historically faced marginalization and discrimination. Many members of the community have been living on land for generations without any legal recognition or documentation of their ownership. The distribution of land title deeds is a significant step towards providing the Banjaras with access to government services and benefits, as well as protecting their rights to the land they occupy.

Speaking at the event, PM Modi emphasized the importance of land ownership for the empowerment of marginalized communities. He also announced that the government would be implementing a scheme to provide financial assistance to Banjaras for the development of their land.

This initiative is in line with the government’s efforts to provide land rights to marginalized communities and bring them into the mainstream society. It is a step towards empowering the community and ensuring their socio-economic upliftment. The distribution of land title deeds is not only an important step towards recognizing the rights of the Banjaras, but also towards ensuring their economic and social development. It is a positive step towards creating an inclusive and equitable society for all.

A Hakku Patra means “Claim Letter” in Kannada. The words “Hakku” signify “the right”. A “Hakku Patra” is a legal document that describes a person’s rightful inheritance or ownership of a certain property. The bearer of this document is eligible to acquire and sell land to which the government has awarded a title deed. They will also benefit from bank perks through the Hakku Patra. Kalaburagi, Bidar, Yadgiri, Raichur, and Vijayapura districts will benefit from this Hakku Patra by providing a second chance for thousands of people living in “Thandas” (Lambani habitats).


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