Pradeep Raney: Helping Freshers and Students Land Their Dream Jobs


It’s no secret that the job market can be tough, especially for freshers and students. With limited job opportunities and fierce competition, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where Pradeep Raney and his company, Formazione Tecnologica, come in.

Pradeep has over 22 years of experience in training, sales, marketing, customer delivery, and information technology at strategic levels. His expertise has helped him develop training solutions for multinational companies and execute overseas landmark projects for well-known brands. In 2015, he started Formazione Tecnologica, which offers IT consulting, IT training, and HR services. And now, he has launched TrainFresher, a brand that focuses on training students and freshers with the latest technologies.

The motivation behind TrainFresher is simple: students often struggle to find proper jobs after completing their education. If they aren’t selected in campus drives, they often find themselves lost in a sea of resumes, unable to land a job. That’s where TrainFresher comes in. By providing training on the latest technologies and ensuring that students have hands-on experience, TrainFresher helps students and freshers stand out in the job market.

One of the unique things about TrainFresher is the quality of the training. The training is provided by experienced and certified faculty members and is given on production environments. Unlike other trainings that can last for eight hours a day, TrainFresher’s training sessions are only two to three hours long. And, unlike other training programs that focus more on theory than practice, TrainFresher’s training is 90% hands-on.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments from TrainFresher’s satisfied customers:

“I had the pleasure of working with TrainFresher and its team. Their trainers are knowledgeable and experts in their field. I was impressed with the support and training that they provided.” – Rahul, TrainFresher customer

“I am really happy with the training that I received from TrainFresher. The trainers were patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would recommend TrainFresher to anyone who is looking for high-quality training.” – Priya, TrainFresher customer

So, what are the four major reasons why TrainFresher’s services are the best?

Training is given by experienced and certified faculty members

Training is given on production environments

Training sessions are only two to three hours a day

Training is 90% hands-on

And what are the four benefits that customers receive by using TrainFresher’s services?

Mentorship to every student

Two-month internship

100% support in placement

High-quality training that helps students and freshers stand out in the job market

What’s next for TrainFresher and Pradeep Raney? They plan to expand their services from Maharashtra to all of India by next year, with future plans to expand internationally. Their vision is to provide skilled freshers to companies, helping bridge the gap between education and employment.

So, if you’re a fresher or student struggling to find your dream job, look no further than TrainFresher. With high-quality training and dedicated support, TrainFresher can help you land the job of your dreams.

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