Prominent Australian TV Host Stan Grant Resigns Due to Relentless Racist Abuse


Stan Grant, a highly respected television host in Australia, has made the difficult decision to step down from his prime-time presenting role after enduring persistent racist abuse. Grant, an Aboriginal journalist with a distinguished four-decade career, faced an escalation in racism following his coverage of the King’s Coronation for the national broadcaster ABC. During the broadcast, he discussed the impact of colonization on his people, which sparked a divisive reaction and prompted formal complaints against the ABC.

In a powerful statement, Grant expressed his exhaustion with racism and declared that he wanted no part in it, seeking refuge far from the toxic environment of the media. He criticized his employer, the ABC, for what he termed an “institutional failure” to protect and defend him against the abuse he faced. Grant, who won numerous journalism awards throughout his career, became the first Aboriginal prime-time host on Australian commercial TV in 1992. Grant’s segment on the Crown during the Coronation coverage, where he highlighted the symbol’s association with invasion, land theft, and war against the Wiradjuri people, drew both support and condemnation online. He apologized if his comments had caused offense but maintained that his words were driven by a deep love for Australia and a desire to speak the hard truths.

The ABC, acknowledging the abhorrent treatment Grant endured, called for an end to the grotesque abuse against him. While the ABC’s News director, Justin Stevens, expressed support for Grant and stated that the organization stood by him, Grant criticized the lack of public support from ABC executives and the media in general. The coverage of his statements by certain media outlets distorted his words and portrayed him as hate-filled, which exacerbated the racist attacks he faced. Grant’s decision has prompted an outpouring of tributes from his peers in the media industry, who consider him an Australian icon and a highly respected journalist. The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous individuals in Australia and the need to address systemic racism in the media and society as a whole.


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