Reliance Jio in Talks with Tesla to Establish Private 5G Network for Manufacturing Plant


In a bid to bolster its presence in the Indian market, Tesla is reportedly in discussions with Reliance Jio, a leading telecommunications company, to set up a private 5G network for its proposed manufacturing plant. The network would cater to essential operations within the facility, ensuring high-speed connectivity and supporting connected car solutions as well as automated production processes. While talks between Jio and Tesla are still in the preliminary stage, further progress hinges on Tesla finalizing its plans for establishing a manufacturing unit in India. Financial Express reports that Reliance Jio is actively reaching out to companies across various sectors, including automobile, healthcare, and manufacturing, with proposals for building and managing private 5G networks. By offering these captive networks, Jio aims to enable these industries to leverage the advantages of high data speed and capacity within their premises, which may not be possible with public networks.

This move aligns with the emerging technology wave of Industry 4.0, which promises to revolutionize manufacturing, improvement, and distribution processes for companies. Reliance Jio’s initiative comes in the wake of its rival Airtel’s partnership with Tech Mahindra to establish a 5G-enabled enterprise solution at Mahindra and Mahindra’s Chakan facility, making it the first 5G-enabled auto manufacturing unit in India. With Jio’s interest in setting up a private 5G network for Tesla, competition among telecommunications companies and other firms to enhance their operations through private networks is expected to intensify. Tesla’s confirmation of its manufacturing plans in India remains a crucial factor in Jio’s proposed collaboration. Reuters reported that Tesla officials recently engaged in discussions with Indian counterparts regarding incentives for car and battery manufacturing in the country.

While companies have the option to establish their own Wi-Fi and data networks by purchasing spectrum, this move has faced opposition from telecom players. Telcos argue that allowing companies this flexibility provides an unfair advantage to technology firms and hampers the competitiveness of telecom companies. In summary, Reliance Jio’s discussions with Tesla to develop a private 5G network for its manufacturing plant in India signify the growing importance of private networks in various industries. As companies seek to leverage the benefits of 5G technology and Industry 4.0 advancements, telecommunications providers are actively pursuing collaborations to offer private network solutions and enhance their operational efficiency.


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