Reliance : Manufacturing of Hydrogen Powered Trucks

Reliance : Manufacturing Of Hydrogen Powered Trucks

Reliance : Manufacturing Of Hydrogen Powered Trucks
Reliance : Manufacturing Of Hydrogen Powered Trucks

In recent times, there has been an increased emphasis on reducing pollution and protecting the environment, which has led to an increase in the number of electric vehicles being manufactured.
In the same order, Reliance has taken a key decision. It has tied up with Ashok Leyland, which manufactures heavy vehicles.
The two companies have jointly unveiled the country’s first hydrogen-powered truck. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the vehicle at the India Energy Week in Bangalore.

Ashok Leyland is managed by Hinduja Group. Ashok Leyland has earned a name in India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.
The company has teamed up with Reliance Industries to develop a truck with unique technology.
This H2-ice heavy duty truck range (19-35 tonnes) is powered by hydrogen. It operates on renewable and clean energy sources. The entire structure is similar to that of a conventional diesel-powered engine.

Hydrogen is considered a clean fuel, releasing only water and oxygen.

A truck with 2 large hydrogen cylinders made by Ashok Leyland is kept in a hall next to the main site.
It is the first H2 ice technology truck in the country. If hydrogen is used in trucks in place of conventional diesel fuel, it emits no emissions at all. Hydrogen can be used in everything from steel plants to fertilizer units.
Here it replaces hydrocarbons. Hydrogen can also be used as a vehicle fuel.

But currently the cost of its production is very high. However, companies are investing in hydrogen production.

In addition to renewable power generation, Reliance Group is investing in the entire hydrogen ecosystem. As part of its plan to become a carbon-free company, Reliance is investing Rs 6 lakh crore in several green energy projects in Gujarat.


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