Solar Technology in Agriculture.. More Profits With Less Cost..!

Solar technology in agriculture.. More profits with less cost..!

Solar technology in agriculture.. More profits with less cost..!
Solar technology in agriculture.. More profits with less cost..!

Electricity consumption is increasing day by day in India. If it comes to agriculture, electricity consumption is a must.
Keeping this in mind, the government is also taking steps to develop solar technology in agriculture.
Chilli farmers in the village of Ramachandrapuram are exploring new methods of high yield with low investment. Solar technology is being used to protect the chilli crop from pests.

The experiment with solar lights gave good results. Just one solar light cost 3500.
One acre of crop field requires one solar light. These lights are charged by the sunlight throughout the day and turn on automatically throughout the night.

With the light of this solar light, insects like black bugs, green bugs and white mosquitoes hit the solar light and fall into the tray and die. Thus, there is no need to use various sprays to kill insects and insects. Moreover, the labor is also very less. With only Rs.3500, the crop investment is almost Farmers who know about the technology of solar lights are showing great interest in using this technology in their farms.

This technology is not only limited to chilli crop but the farmers are doing innovative experiments in the plan to implement the same method in different crops as well. Moreover, the government also stood by the farmers by giving good subsidy on solar.
With this amazing solar lights technology, labor can be reduced by more than half, without the use of various pesticides, with low investment, high quality yields and good profits can be made.


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