Russia-China and South Africa Begin Joint Military Exercise


Russia, China, and South Africa have launched a joint military exercise known as “Peace Mission 2021”. The exercise is taking place in China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and will run for approximately ten days.

The joint military exercise involves around 10,000 troops from the three countries and will focus on counter-terrorism, including hostage rescue, intelligence gathering, and anti-chemical warfare training. The exercise will also feature live-fire drills and simulations of combat scenarios.

The aim of the exercise is to enhance the ability of the three countries’ armed forces to work together and strengthen their cooperation in combating terrorism and other security challenges. The joint exercise comes at a time of growing military cooperation between Russia and China, who have strengthened their military ties in recent years through joint exercises and arms sales.

Russia and China have been deepening their strategic partnership in recent years, and this joint military exercise highlights their growing cooperation. The two countries have been cooperating in several areas, including energy, infrastructure, and military technology.

South Africa’s participation in the joint exercise is notable as it marks the first time that the country has participated in a military exercise with both Russia and China. This exercise is also significant for South Africa’s defense industry, which has been looking to increase its presence in the international defense market.

The joint exercise is seen as a significant step towards strengthening the military ties between the three countries and enhancing their ability to respond to security threats in the region. The exercise also provides an opportunity for the three countries to share knowledge and expertise and learn from each other’s military capabilities.

The joint military exercise has received mixed reactions, with some observers expressing concern over the growing military cooperation between Russia and China. Critics have raised concerns about the potential implications for regional stability and the balance of power in the region.


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