Russia strikes injuring lives of thousands

A Russian tank T-72B3 fires as troops take part in drills at the Kadamovskiy firing range in the Rostov region in southern Russia, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022. Russia has rejected Western complaints about its troop buildup near Ukraine, saying it deploys them wherever it deems necessary on its own territory. (AP Photo)

Russian strikes on Kyiv and across Ukraine have caused destruction and injuries, with at least five people injured and a foodstuff warehouse set ablaze in Odesa. The attacks come ahead of Russia’s Victory Day parade on Tuesday, which marks the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. Russia has intensified shelling of Bakhmut in an attempt to take the city by Tuesday, while explosions have been reported in several other Ukrainian regions. In Kyiv, three people were injured in blasts in the Solomyanskyi district, while two others were injured by falling drone wreckage in the Sviatoshyn district. There were also reports of drone debris hitting a two-story building in the central Shevchenkivskyi district. Air defense systems were repelling the attacks, but it was unclear how many drones were launched. The Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine was shelled by Russian forces on Sunday, and in the past two weeks, strikes have intensified on Russian-held targets, particularly in Crimea. Putin invaded Ukraine in February 2022, calling it a “special military operation” to defend Russia from neo-Nazis, but Ukraine and its allies say it was an unprovoked land grab. The invasion has killed thousands and forced millions to flee.


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