Shooting Erupts on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Injuring Nine on Memorial Day


A horrifying incident unfolded on Monday evening along the bustling boardwalk of Hollywood, Florida, as gunfire shattered the tranquility of the beach, leaving nine individuals injured. The chaotic scene on Memorial Day sent terrified beachgoers scrambling for cover, their peaceful holiday disrupted by senseless violence. Among the wounded, some were swiftly transported to a children’s hospital, although details regarding their ages and conditions have yet to be disclosed, according to police spokesperson Deanna Bettineschi. Initial investigations indicate that a dispute between two groups escalated into gunfire, creating a perilous situation for bystanders. Law enforcement authorities have detained one person connected to the incident, while the search for another suspect is still underway. The shooting unfolded at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the vicinity of a convenience store, a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop, and a Subway sandwich outlet along the boardwalk. Eyewitness Alvie Carlton Scott III, present on the beach at the time, described the harrowing experience of hearing numerous gunshots.

Taking cover behind a tree, he later fled the area upon the urgent instructions of a police officer. Another witness, Jamie Ward, recounted that a confrontation between several young men suddenly escalated when one of them produced a firearm and opened fire. Social media was flooded with alarming videos depicting emergency medical crews rushing to the scene to provide aid to the multiple victims. In response to the incident, a significant deployment of law enforcement officers was initiated, with an ongoing investigation. Authorities also established a designated area for families to reunite, offering support and assistance during this distressing time.

Hollywood Beach, a renowned destination located just south of Fort Lauderdale and north of Miami, had anticipated an influx of visitors for the Memorial Day holiday. However, the day’s festivities turned into an unthinkable nightmare, prompting Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy to express gratitude to the courageous individuals who swiftly responded to the scene, including good Samaritans, paramedics, police, and emergency medical professionals, for their immediate assistance to the shooting victims.


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