Mount Everest Faces Environmental Crisis as Disturbing Video Reveals Rampant Garbage Dumping


In a shocking and disheartening revelation, a viral video has exposed the alarming levels of garbage and plastic waste desecrating the pristine slopes of Mount Everest. The distressing footage, captured by a camping mountaineer and shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, showcases the dire state of a campsite marred by heaps of plastic bags, refuse, and other discarded materials.

Sahu took to social media to express her sorrow, declaring it heartbreaking that even Mount Everest has fallen victim to the reckless dumping of garbage and plastic pollution. Netizens were quick to join in expressing their collective dismay at the current condition of the mountain. Many echoed Sahu’s sentiments, deeming the sight captured in the video as profoundly distressing.

One user aptly described it as the “most horrible sight,” a phrase one would never expect to associate with a mountain that embodies such legendary status. Mount Everest, renowned as the world’s highest peak and an emblem of natural beauty and wonder, now finds itself in the grip of an environmental crisis. The video serves as a wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need to address the issue of waste management in the Everest region. With the mountain’s iconic status and global significance, concerted efforts are required to combat this growing menace and preserve the sanctity of this awe-inspiring natural landmark.


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