Sri Lanka Takes Action to Combat Religious Slander and Online Vitriol


Sri Lanka is intensifying its efforts to address the increasing occurrences of religious slander and online vitriol by drafting new legislation, as announced by the country’s Minister of Buddhashasana, Religious, and Cultural Affairs, Vidura Wickramanayaka. The move comes in response to a recent incident involving stand-up comedian Nathasha Edirisooriya, who allegedly made derogatory remarks about religions and uploaded them online.

Despite offering an apology, Edirisooriya faced a complaint that led to her arrest when she attempted to leave the country. This incident, along with previous occurrences, has prompted the Sri Lankan government to take decisive action in curbing the spread of religious defamation on social media platforms. Minister Wickramanayaka expressed his determination to pass legislation that would effectively put an end to all instances of demeaning religion on social media. The proposed laws aim to establish clear boundaries and consequences for those engaging in religious slander and promoting hostility online. The controversy surrounding Edirisooriya’s comments is not an isolated event.

Just weeks before, Pastor Jerome Fernando, a self-proclaimed spiritual leader, faced accusations of making derogatory remarks about Lord Buddha, which quickly spread across various social media platforms. The Sri Lankan government’s initiative to combat religious slander and online vitriol underscores its commitment to preserving religious harmony and upholding respect for diverse faiths within the country. By introducing appropriate legal measures, Sri Lanka aims to create a safer digital environment where individuals can express their views without resorting to derogatory or offensive language that incites religious tension.


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