Spain Introduces App to Promote Gender Equality in Household Chores


In a bid to tackle gender inequality in household chores, Spain is set to launch a groundbreaking app that monitors and distributes household responsibilities among household members. The announcement was made by Angela Rodríguez, Spain’s top official in the ministry of equality, during a meeting of the United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Geneva.

Citing survey data that indicates women spend significantly more time on household chores compared to men, Rodríguez emphasized the need for a solution to address this disparity. The app, designed to function similarly to popular expense-sharing apps like Splitwise, will enable each member of the household to input the time they spend on various chores. The decision to develop the app comes as a response to a survey conducted by Spain’s national statistics institute, revealing that 45.9% of women reported carrying out the majority of household chores, while only 14.9% of men claimed the same responsibility. Rodríguez highlighted the importance of including a wide range of tasks as household chores, such as shopping for ingredients, meal planning, and cooking, as these often fall on women and contribute to their mental load.

Expected to be available by summer, the app aims to benefit not only couples but also households comprising parents and children or housemates. Rodríguez addressed critics of the app on Twitter, stating that those who oppose it are likely afraid of having to contribute their fair share of household duties. By introducing this app, Spain seeks to address the systemic gender imbalance in household chores, promoting fairness and equality among all members of the household. This innovative approach to redistributing responsibilities may serve as a model for other countries striving to achieve similar gender equality objectives.


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