Successful Rescue Operation Saves 100 Stranded Passengers in Challenging Ladakh Terrain


In a remarkable display of coordination and bravery, the police, army, and other rescue teams joined forces to execute a highly successful rescue operation, saving approximately 100 stranded passengers, including women and children, from the treacherous Changla Axis in Ladakh. Prompt action was taken in response to the escalating number of individuals, both tourists and locals, who found themselves in need of urgent assistance due to the extremely difficult road conditions.

The Ladakh Police’s UTDRF rescue team, in collaboration with the Army and GREEF rescue teams, played a pivotal role in the operation, exhibiting exceptional professionalism and dedication. Through their combined efforts, they ensured the safe evacuation of all passengers, averting any untoward incidents. Under the close supervision of the authorities, the stranded individuals were rescued and transported to the town of Leh, where they could find shelter and warmth. This daring rescue mission was initiated as a direct result of persistent snowfall over the past 48 hours, which caused the roads to become icy and perilously slippery.

Consequently, numerous vehicles, including taxis and private cars, particularly those belonging to tourists, became immobilized at Changla Top, exacerbating the urgency of the situation. The successful outcome of this operation is a testament to the unwavering commitment and preparedness of the rescue teams involved, as well as the effective collaboration between the various agencies. Their swift response and efficient execution saved lives and underscored the importance of prioritizing the safety of individuals traversing challenging terrains.


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