Teacher’s jobs terminated in Calcutta shows recruitment scam


The Calcutta High Court has ruled to terminate the services of 36,000 primary teachers who were recruited in 2014. The court found that these teachers were hired in violation of reservation policies and without undergoing the mandatory aptitude test. However, the court has granted them a temporary reprieve by allowing them to continue working in state-run schools for the next four months, albeit at a reduced salary equivalent to that of para-teachers. The court has also stated that those teachers who have completed training after their recruitment can reapply through a new recruitment process.While the terminated teachers will receive their salaries for the next four months, they will now be paid at the rate of para-teachers. The court further ordered that within the next three months, the West Bengal Primary Education Board should recruit new teachers to fill the vacant positions. However, the board has expressed its intention to seek legal advice regarding the court order and plans to appeal against it.

The board has also asserted that all 36,000 teachers had received training from the board until 2019.This decision by the Calcutta High Court has far-reaching implications for the affected teachers and the education system in West Bengal. The court’s ruling highlights the importance of adhering to reservation policies and conducting necessary tests during the recruitment process. It seeks to rectify the violations that occurred in 2014 and ensure a fair and transparent selection process for future teacher recruitment.The terminated teachers will now face an uncertain future as they navigate the coming months with reduced salaries. Meanwhile, the West Bengal Primary Education Board will have the responsibility of swiftly initiating a new recruitment process to fill the vacancies left by the terminated teachers.

The board’s intention to challenge the court’s decision adds an additional layer of complexity to an already challenging situation.As this legal battle unfolds, the focus must remain on the welfare of the students and the quality of education provided in West Bengal. Efforts should be made to minimize any disruptions caused by the termination of these teachers and to ensure that the new recruitment process is fair, inclusive, and in compliance with reservation policies.


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