Vineeta Singh faces sexism in startup industry


Vineeta Singh, the Co-Founder of SUGAR Cosmetics and a judge on Shark Tank India, recently shared her experiences of facing sexism in the startup industry during a chat show with actor Kareena Kapoor Khan. Singh revealed that she had encountered gender bias early in her career, highlighting the fact that less than 20 percent of the workforce in the industry is comprised of women.Singh recounted an incident where an investor refused to provide funding until her husband joined the company, stating that they didn’t invest in women-founded companies.

This blatant display of sexism left Singh disheartened but determined to challenge such biases.Additionally, Singh reflected on her internship days at ITC, where she was told to dress differently due to her gender. In order to increase her chances of being hired, she immediately complied by donning baggy men’s shirts, replacing her jeans and tight tops. This experience taught her the importance of navigating societal expectations and norms in order to overcome gender-based obstacles.Singh noted that these incidents occurred nearly two decades ago and acknowledged the progress that has been made since then.

She expressed her belief that people today would be less likely to make such derogatory remarks to someone’s face. Singh’s experiences have shaped her into a strong advocate for gender equality, and she now stands up against such bias whenever she encounters it.Overall, Singh’s story serves as a testament to the changing landscape of the startup industry. While instances of sexism still persist, there is a growing awareness and determination to dismantle gender biases and create a more inclusive and equal environment for women entrepreneurs.


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