Team Rajasthan Royal Designers Clinches “Inclusive Fashion Recognition” at World Couture League


New Delhi — In a historic achievement, the fashion designers of Team Rajasthan Royal Designers, representing the vibrant state of Rajasthan, secured the prestigious “Inclusive Fashion Recognition” at the World Couture League, organized by the World Designing Forum.

This recognition is not just a triumph for Team Rajasthan but also marks a significant milestone in the world of fashion. It stands out as the first initiative of the World Couture League, championed by the World Designing Forum, aimed at promoting Indian handloom and artisans.

The World Couture League, an innovative platform initiated by the World Designing Forum, is dedicated to bringing together diverse cultures and traditions through the medium of fashion. This recognition for Inclusive Fashion underscores the league’s commitment to celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian craftsmanship and promoting inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Ankush Anami, CEO of the World Designing Forum, extended heartfelt congratulations to Team Rajasthan for their outstanding contribution to inclusive fashion. He emphasized the importance of recognizing and honoring the diversity of Indian handloom and craftsmanship.

“Inclusive Fashion is not just a recognition; it’s a celebration of the myriad talents that contribute to the rich heritage of Indian fashion. We are proud to witness Team Rajasthan Royal Designers lead the way in championing inclusivity in their designs,” said Ankush Anami.

As part of this revolutionary initiative, the World Designing Forum has announced that, starting from August 7, 2024, all Indian states will collectively celebrate “National Handloom Day.” This nationwide celebration aims to unite the country in support of the “Vocal for Local” mission, emphasizing the significance of promoting and preserving Indian handloom and artisanal craftsmanship.

Team Rajasthan, led by Captain Shweta Patel and supported by Seema Gupta and Bhavna Parekh, exemplifies the spirit of inclusivity and innovation in the world of fashion. Their dedication to promoting Indian handloom aligns seamlessly with the vision of the World Designing Forum.

This recognition not only positions Team Rajasthan at the forefront of inclusive fashion but also reinforces the commitment of the World Designing Forum to drive positive change in the fashion industry.

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