This Volvo Bus is More Luxurious Than an Airplane, See?

This Volvo bus is more luxurious than an airplane, see?


They travel long distances. These are slightly more comfortable than regular buses.
Therefore, the charge to travel in these will be a bit high. However, there is no doubt that the Volvo bus that is going to be mentioned now will be more than that.

Yes, the Swedish luxury auto brand has showcased a luxury bus with on-board toilet, sofa-type recliner seats at the Auto Expo 2023. This Volvo 9600 model is made for a luxurious travel experience.
It has more length and height and also has distinctive V-shaped headlights with brand exterior.
This bus has hydraulic power assistant steering, heated, electrically operated three-piece rear view mirror. Excellent comfort, low noise running. Sleeper coach and seater variants are available.

It also has on board toilet, comfortable seating, panoramic windows, gradient theater floor.
It is slightly curved around the driver for an ergonomic working environment. Some passengers have praised this design as being beyond private jets.

It is believed that more of these buses would be good. The Volvo coach displayed at the Auto Expo 2023 is intended to transport delegates to India for various rounds of G20 meetings.


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