Tragedy Strikes in Jharkhand as Six Labourers Electrocuted to Death During Pole Installation


In a devastating incident that occurred in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district on Monday, six labourers lost their lives when an electric pole they were erecting fell onto a high-tension overhead wire. The incident took place near Nichitpur railway station, approximately 145 km from Ranchi. Baghmara Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nisha Murmu, confirmed the details of the accident.

Upon receiving the distressing news, Kamal Kishore Sinha, the Divisional Railway Manager of Dhanbad, immediately rushed to the scene. Sinha, while expressing his condolences, assured that a thorough investigation into the incident had been launched.

Eyewitnesses at the site reported that a total of eight workers were present during the unfortunate incident, all of whom were working without proper safety equipment and failed to disconnect the electrical connection. Two lucky individuals managed to escape the incident in a state of panic. Out of the five deceased workers, authorities have identified their names. As a result of the incident, train services on the grand chord line experienced a temporary halt at Dhanbad and Gomoh junctions. However, after approximately one and a half hours, normal operations were restored, according to a railway official. This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to safety protocols and implementing stringent measures to prevent such accidents in the future.


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