Tragic Death of 40 Monkeys in Hapur Sparks Outrage and Investigation


The recent and shocking death of approximately 40 monkeys in the Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh has ignited a wave of concern and uproar. The distressing incident unfolded on Sunday in the vicinity of Garhmukteshwar, where lifeless monkey bodies were discovered under suspicious circumstances within the bushes. News of the incident quickly spread, drawing a significant number of villagers to the scene on Monday. Upon arriving, they were startled to find jaggery and watermelons placed near the deceased monkeys. This peculiar sight led the villagers to suspect that the monkeys had fallen victim to poisoning.

Alarmed by their findings, the villagers promptly notified the forest department. Responding swiftly to the villagers’ complaint, local police and forest officials descended upon the location and initiated a thorough investigation. The Forest Department, in a statement to the media, expressed their belief that the monkeys may have indeed been poisoned. “A case has been registered, and we are currently probing the cause of their tragic demise,” remarked a police official, as quoted by NDTV. To ascertain the exact cause of death, the bodies of the monkeys have been sent to the prestigious Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bareilly for a comprehensive autopsy, as confirmed by forest officials.

The authorities are diligently examining the possibility of the food items being laced with poison, as part of their ongoing investigation. As the investigation unfolds, concerns over the well-being and protection of wildlife in the region have surged. The tragic incident has not only sparked outrage among locals but also drawn attention to the pressing need for enhanced conservation efforts and stricter measures against those responsible for such heinous acts.


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