Tragic Shooting Incident at Shiv Nadar University Leaves Two Students Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide


In a shocking turn of events, a distressing incident unfolded on Thursday afternoon at Shiv Nadar University in Dadri, as an undergraduate student shot his batchmate before taking his own life. The incident occurred around 1:30 pm, just moments after the assailant, identified as Anuj Singh, sent a confessional email titled ‘my suicide note’ to a university group. The recipient of his email was Sneha Chaurasia, the victim in this tragic incident.CCTV footage retrieved from the scene reveals the chilling moments leading up to the shooting. Anuj and Sneha can be seen engaged in a conversation outside Dining Hall 2, with Anuj appearing to hide a firearm behind his bag. Without warning, he fired two shots at Sneha from point-blank range, causing her to collapse to the ground. Anuj briefly lingered over Sneha’s fallen body before departing from the scene. Sadly, Sneha succumbed to her injuries before reaching the hospital, while Anuj ended his own life in his hostel room shortly thereafter, leaving behind a firearm beside him.

Medical authorities at Yatharth Hospital, where Sneha was rushed, confirmed her demise upon arrival. Dr. Sunil Balyan, the medical superintendent, stated that Sneha had sustained two gunshot wounds to her stomach and chest. The police were immediately informed, and the bodies were handed over for postmortem examinations. Investigations have revealed that Anuj and Sneha were previously in a relationship, which had soured in recent months. Anuj, in a recorded video that he had uploaded to Google Drive, claimed that he was devastated by their breakup and the fact that Sneha had begun dating someone else.

Disturbingly, he also mentioned being in the advanced stages of brain cancer, indicating a possible motive for his actions. Authorities are now working to determine the source of the firearm used in the crime. Anuj’s family resides in Amroha, while Sneha’s family is based in Kanpur. The police have assured that they will handle the matter sensitively, requesting that no problems be created for the grieving parents of both individuals involved. This tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the Shiv Nadar University community, prompting a collective sense of sorrow and grief. The university administration, local authorities, and counseling services are joining forces to provide support and assistance to affected students and faculty members during this difficult time.


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