“Hotel Bill” of the 1965

"Hotel Bill" of the 1965

"Hotel Bill" of the 1965

Each one in the present periods is also selling food business. To go together three of a restaurant and eat Rs. Not less than 1000. There are also additional taxes for the food bill. Milk, gas and oil prices rise .. Restaurants, cafes and fast food operator are also increasing prices.

Price hike loads are experiencing customers. Some are not the same burden. However, it costs it not afforded.
Generally the taste of the food made at home, health. But all of these are interested in eating outside period. There is not reasons. The job tension may be due to other work, and interested in the restaurants to eat in restaurants. Some people go out for luxury.

However, those taxes, which rates are rapidly increased. They are now rates in the restaurant in each restaurant.
But it’s not too low in food rates in the hotels and hotels in the hotels. However, due to increased prices of essential goods in 1965, the hotels in Raphael’s prices in the hotels in Raphael’s prices have been prepared by Palm Plates together. Now one of the palm plate has become viral in social media. See the prices of the tiffins in the upper and the Netizens are shocked.

This is what it is. “Rates from November 1, 1965, due to high prices, hotel owners have assembled. Collaborate for everyone. ” The Tiffins gave rates under that. 2 idli  15 paise, ravva attu 20 paise, 15 paise, Bonda 20 paise, coffee, tea 15 paise rates. Those prices are reacted to variations of the scenarios.


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