Jio laptop: Jio Laptop in the Market.. Features, Price, Wow!!

Jio laptop: Jio laptop in the market.. Features, price, wow!!
Jio laptop: Jio laptop in the market.. Features, price, wow!!


The Reliance Industries of Ambani in the leading business institutions of the country. Reliance Capital, Communications, Infrastructure, Entertainment in different fields like power. Entering the telecom sector by jio Brand and carried out Indian mobile consumption to another stage. Uttilized Air Tell, the IDs’ customer base was abruptly. The latest is now entry to the lap top section.
Government has been available in e-marketplace: Reliance jio has released her debut laptop.

Government e-Marketplace (GEM) is available in the portal. Laptop features, the price is mentioned in it. JIO Qualcomm Snapdragon (Qualcomm Snapdragon) was introduced to 11.6 inch netbook with 665 processor. The laptop price was decided in 19,500.

To the ordinary people?

Already put on sale .. the possibility of purchasing ordinary people is not present. Only government departments can be shopping through the Gem portal. It is expected to be available to common people by Diwali. The Jiobook 6th edition was placed on the display of India Mobile Congress (IMC), 2022.

Jio Laptop Features:

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Akta-Core Processor was embedded in the lap top. Metallic Hings has a standard form factor. ABS is made with plastic. The company works based on the own JIO OS operating system. The specifications in the specifications in which 2GB LPDDR4X ram is in the sheet. RAM has not given the possibility of increasing capacity. 32GB EMMC Storage facility provided.

The Configuration:

11.6 inch HD LED Backlight is owned by JIO laptop with the HD LED Backlight Anti Glare Display JIO laptop. There are a non-touch screen that has 1366 × 768 pixel resolution. There are USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI ports. USB Type-C ports are not available. Staying Micro SD card slot. Supports 4G Mobile Broadband Connectivity along with Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth version 5.2 for Wireless Connectivity.
There is no fingerprint:

Chero comes with two internal speakers, geo laptop with microphones. Standard Size Keyboard, Multi Gescher Support is a touchpad. But there is no fingerprint scanner. There is a laptop of 55.1-60Ah battery capacity as a backup of up to 8 pm. 1.2 kg weight. Available with a brand warranty of the year.


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